Met Dept functioning without Doppler radar

<p><img src="" alt="Featured Image"></p><p><!-- wp:html --><p>Despite a strong need for a Doppler radar system in meteorological forecasting, predictions have been made without it for almost 15 years, leading to doubts about the accuracy and reliability, Ceylon Today learns.</p>
<p>The Doppler radar systems were planned to enhance the monitoring of rain and related weather conditions affecting the island and assist in the early warning system for severe weather.</p>
<p>On 30 June 2017, an agreement was signed between the JICA and the Government of Sri Lanka to provide a grant of 2,503 million Japanese Yen for the establishment of two Doppler radar systems at the Puttalam and Pottuvil Weather Stations.</p>
<p>A senior official of the Meteorology Department noted that although Rs 513.78 million had been allocated for this project by 22 September 2022, only Rs 370,161 had been spent and the project remained incomplete.</p>
<p>According to the contract period of 2017-2021, the radar construction work was expected to reach its final stage by the end of 2020. However, the construction has not been completed with no significant progress.</p>
<p>The official also mentioned that after six years of inking the contract the procurement process had stalled due to insufficient funds owing to rising costs.</p>
<p>Given the current economic situation, and recognising that the provision for the Doppler radar systems is inadequate, the JICA Institute and the Department of Meteorology agreed in May 2022 to establish only one system in Puttalam instead of the originally planned two systems.</p>
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