Jayasumana: Reveal how parties raised funds for May Day

Dissident SLPP MP Prof. Channa Jayasumana yesterday said that political parties and individual MPs should be asked to explain how they funded May Day rallies.

The academic said that many lawmakers would find it difficult to hire buses, provide two dozen bottles of arrack to each bus, bites and food.

The Anuradhapura District MP said that he didn’t get involved in any May Day rally due to current impasse in talks pertaining to a future course of action. “Therefore, I didn’t have to worry about expenses. But, the whole May Day propaganda exercise seemed an utter waste of money,” Prof. Jayasumana said, adding that those publicly so keen to tackle corruption should turn the searchlight inward to see how funding was obtained to transport people from all parts of the country to Colombo.

The MP pointed out that the JVP organized four large rallies, the SJB two and the SLPP one.

According to him, moving one bus load of people between Anuradhapura and Colombo could cost as much as Rs 200,000.

Prof. Jayasumana found fault with political parties for continuing, what he called, utterly useless and irrelevant May Day practices, especially at a time when the country was experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis.

The MP said that the country was in such a desperate situation he couldn’t understand how political parties celebrated with ‘papare’ bands and foreign singers (SF)

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