HSBC warns of crypto currency racketeers in Sri Lanka

<p><img src="" alt="Featured Image"></p><p><!-- wp:html --><p>The HSBC Bank in Sri Lanka has warned constituents to beware of scammers actively promoting unauthorized crypto currency investment schemes through compromised or hacked social media profiles. In some cases, there have been false notifications appearing to be from HSBC, referring to a crypto investment credit, he bank said.</p>
<p>"We wish to clarify that HSBC does not support or endorse such transactions in compliance with the restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on crypto investments.</p>
<p>"Please be advised that scammers often pose as legitimate individuals or organizations, using compromised profiles to lure unsuspecting victims into fraudulent crypto schemes. Moreover, they use notifications appearing to be from global brands such as HSBC, to mislead the general public, and promote products with malicious intent via unauthorized sources.</p>
<p>"We urge all our customers to remain vigilant and exercise caution regarding any suspicious social media posts and communications claiming to be from HSBC."</p>
<p>The bank offered some tips to customers to protect themselves against such deceptive messages.</p>
<p>Always verify the identity of individuals and organizations promoting investment opportunities, and authenticate any communication claiming to be from HSBC. Check for official websites and contact information to confirm if they are legitimate, and look for consistent, genuine branding.</p>
<p>Exercise caution on investment offers that promise unusually high returns or guaranteed profits. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.</p>
<p>Avoid sharing sensitive information such as account details, passwords, or One Time Passwords (OTPs) in response to either unsolicited messages, or on social media posts. Avoid clicking on any links provided if they are unexpected or seem suspicious.</p><!-- /wp:html --></p><p>[Category: <a href="" rel="category tag">Uncategorized</a>]</p><p><strong>Tags:</strong> </p>

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