Hemas explores investment opportunities in Kenya

<p><img src="" alt="Featured Image"></p><p><!-- wp:html --><p>Dr. Lakith Peiris, CEO of Hemas Hospitals Sri Lanka, alongside a delegation headed by Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Kenya, Kana Kananathan, participated in a series of discussions with Kenya's health authorities in Nairobi. Their primary objective: to explore investment prospects for establishing specialized hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical ventures in Kenya</p>
<p>Under the guidance of High Commissioner Kananathan, the delegation held extensive dialogues with key figures within Kenya's Ministry of Health, including the Minister of Health and other top officials. These meetings served as a platform to delve into potential collaborations between Hemas Hospitals and Kenya's healthcare sector.</p>
<p>High Commissioner Kananathan emphasized the importance of patient-centric care and innovation, both integral to Hemas Hospital's distinguished legacy. These attributes are ones they are eager to introduce to Kenya's healthcare landscape.</p>
<p>Encouraging Sri Lankan businesses, Kananathan highlighted Africa's vast potential for expansion and urged entrepreneurs to seize opportunities across the continent, using Kenya as a prime example. In recent years, an increasing number of Sri Lankan enterprises have established themselves in Kenya, signalling a promising partnership between the two nations.</p>
<p>Expressing eagerness for collaboration, Hemas delegation emphasized their commitment to aligning with local regulations and best practices in Kenya.</p>
<p>Hemas Hospitals, among Sri Lanka's fastest-growing conglomerates, has been prequalified as one of the bidders to acquire the government's stake in the Lanka Hospitals corporation.</p><!-- /wp:html --></p><p>[Category: <a href="https://feed.lankaimage.com/category/uncategorized/" rel="category tag">Uncategorized</a>]</p><p><strong>Tags:</strong> </p>

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