This Blake Lively Comment On Ryan Reynolds Video Is Everything

Looks like Ryan Reynolds has his work cut out for him!

After the actor created a high production music video for the sole purpose of teaching the world how to pronounce his Wrexham A.F.C. co-owner Rob McElhenney’s last name (on his birthday) — Reynold’s wife Blake Lively entered the chat.

“Wow,” the “Gossip Girl” star wrote on her Instagram Story to accompany a clip of the video. “That’s a lot of effort you put into this…”

She then slyly set expectations for his own upcoming birthday: “Can’t wait for August 25th.”

Reynolds for his part let his wife — and the world — know how seriously he was taking this next challenge by sharing a gulping dog GIF.

For more on that McElhenney video, see the article below:

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