JoJo Siwa Claps Back at Candace Owens' Claim She's Lying About Being Gay 'For Attention'

JoJo Siwa is living her best life and she does not have time for the haters, or apparently the doubters. She made her stance abundantly clear in response to Candace Owens suggesting she’s not really gay.

In a lengthy video posted to her Twitter earlier this week, Owens spent an inordinate amount of time suggesting that Siwa is faking being a lesbian for one simple reason. She’s apparently “desperate for attention.”

While Owens offers no evidence to back her claim, she does say, “I don’t believe JoJo Siwa is a lesbian.” So that should clear that right up!

She played Siwa’s October 2022 TikTok where she (awkwardly) rapped about her gay awakening happening in part because of a combination of factors, including Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer,” Jenna Dewan on “Lip Sync Battle” and the fact she had no desire to be intimate with a man during a date (and was, in fact, grossed out by the idea.

“One plus one plus one must equal, ‘I’m a lesbo,'” Owen said in her video. “I guess that’s the idea here. She suddenly realized she’s a lesbian because she had a bad date? … It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

She went on to emphasize, “It’s very clear to me she did that video for attention. She got attention because it’s a great way to find a community of victims.”

Owens proceeded to create a comparison to when JoJo Siwa trolled her fans for a short period of time by responding to pregnancy speculation with shots of herself where she appeared/pretended to be pregnant.

She later admitted she does have baby fever and looks forward to having children some day. Owens saw this as further proof that Siwa will make things up for attention.

Siwa replied to Owens’ video without even bothering to watch it. She was very pointed in her response, tweeting out, “I haven’t watched the video yet…. But if it has anything to do with your caption, respectfully back the f— off.”

The caption framed Owens’ assertions in the form of a question: “Is JoJo Siwa lying about being lesbian for attention?”

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