CBSL most vulnerable institution, says FSP

Frontline Socialist Party says that they had been warning that the Central Bank is the most vulnerable institution under a government headed by Ranil Wickremesinghe since he assumed duties as the President.

Party’s Propaganda Secretary Duminda Nagamuwa said that his party had warned that the Central Bank was losing its security and safety under incumbent government. “There is news that a sum of five million rupees has gone missing from the Central Bank’s vaults. This is going to be worse under the present regime which comprises those who are the main accused in the Central Bank bond scams. The Central Bank is the most vulnerable place under a group of those accused of taking its money away,” Nagamuwa said, adding that the latest incident had taken place despite high security systems said to have been installed there in the Central Bank.

“This incident should not be disregarded as there is a huge difference between the amounts of money gone missing compared to the colossal loss of the bond scam. This takes place under a government which tries all the means possible to leave the Central Bank powerless. This crime takes place under the watch of a government that attempts to bring about a Central Bank Sri Lanka Act to dismantle the bank’s financial authoritative powers,” Nagamuwa said.

We have been warning of the threat to the Central Bank since the day Wickremesinghe became the President, he said.

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