You don’t need electrician anymore! Service your cooler yourself, know how

New Delhi: Summer season has arrived and therefore everyone has started using fans. In the coming days, people will also start using coolers and airconditioners. It is obvious that not everyone can afford an AC, but a cooler can be afforded in almost every house.

People pack the cooler during the winters and use it again when the summer returns because of which the cooler is continuously not used for a longer period, it tends to stop providing cool air very quickly which ends up in the consumption of more electricity.

When there is a power failure, it is prudent to take fresh air from the cooler.

People finally have to get their cooler serviced by an electrician. But you can service your cooler at home by following a few steps:

Cooler Cleaning:

The fan of the cooler throws the air outside while generating air pressure. Due to which cold drops of water also come out a number of time.

You must have noticed that the front of the fan blade in the cooler is pointed and slightly bent.

The cooler fan does not work properly if a layers of dust and dirt accumulates on this sharp and curved part of the cooler fan.

This is the reason why the wind also does not blow fast. In such case, cleaning the blades two to three times a week is a good for cooler air.

Checking Condenser:

The condenser fitted in the cooler fan also works to keep the fan at higher speed.

The cooler runs only after it is filled with water. It has been observed that many times the condenser gets damaged due to the constant water falling on it, because of which the fan speed slows down. In such case, one should check that the condenser of the cooler is fine.

Apart from this, the grass of the cooler should replaced if it is very old. This would result in providing fresh air.

These tips would lead to less work load on the cooler and due to which, the electricity will be consumed less.

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