What’re Dos, Don’ts for Toilets as per Vastu? Check tips here

Vastu: Vastu Shastra gives specific instructions for every corner of the house: living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room, bathrooms and even toilets. A misplaced bathroom can have negative effects on your home, including loss of property and poor health. So check out what are dos and dont’s for toilet to avoid these situations.

Vastu: Important Dos and Don’ts For Toilets

If you’re constructing a new home, avoid placing your toilet seat in the southwest or northeast corner.
The water flow in the bathroom should be from south to north or west to east. Simply put, the toilet floor should be sloping towards the north or east.
Having a toilet/bathroom in the middle of the house isn’t a big deal for a toilet, Vastu said.
According to the toilet Vastu, the toilet should not be placed next to the pooja room.
In the washroom/toilet, the dresser should be slightly higher than the rest of the washroom floor.

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Vastu-Approved Colours for Bathrooms

A white bathroom that shines in fresh green

For your bathroom, choose light colours such as white, cream, beige, and brown. Colours like black, red, and navy blue should be avoided. Do not use dark colours for tiles or wall paint as Vastu says it is not recommended.
In addition, bright colours help spot dust and clean such areas. In addition, these shades also help create a calm atmosphere. 
On the other hand, dark colours attract negative energy and make the room look small and cramped. 

Important Vastu Rules to Follow In Bathroom

The bathroom should be located north or northwest. Do not place in south, southeast, or southwest.
The bathroom should not be located in front of or next to the kitchen.
The toilet seat should be oriented in the west or northwest direction.
Never empty the water bucket. It must be filled with water or turned upside down.
A blue bucket and mug should set the mood in your bathroom
Always keep the door closed. An open door conveys negative energy.
A leaky faucet can affect your financial situation, so you shouldn’t break it.
Bathrooms need windows to let negative energy out. 

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