What? Woman fakes pregnancy to avail govt scheme benefits; details here

Odisha: A woman fakes pregnancy drama for several months to enjoy government benefits. The incident was reported from Birenpalli village under Mathili block in Malkangiri district.

The woman, identified as Kaushalya Bhuyan, even accused the hospital of stealing her baby after her false pregnancy was revealed in front of everyone during a health check-up.

As per the media reports, she lied to her husband and got her name registered with the local auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) worker. She used to visit the place daily to collect the iodine provided to pregnant ladies by the government under the welfare scheme.

Asamati Gouda, ASHA worker said, “She (Kaushalya) had already undergone family planning surgery. Then how can she become pregnant again? Her allegations of baby theft are baseless.”

While speaking to the media she said, “I was taken to the labour room and I was told my delivery will be carried out after some time. When the nurse checked, she said my stomach has swollen due to gas.”

Her husband Bundu Poti said, “My wife’s ultrasound was done and they found no baby inside the womb.”

When the hospital authorities handed her over to the police, she confessed to her drama. What’s more surprising is that the woman had family planning surgery in 2017.

Dr Prafulla Kumar Nanda, Malkangiri CDMO said, “When she was admitted to the hospital, the gynaecologist performed check-up and ultrasound. However, the doctor found she was not pregnant. The lady too had a family planning operation in 2017. An inquiry will be carried out and necessary action will be initiated against whoever is found guilty.”

Meanwhile, the Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) stated that an investigation will be conducted and that appropriate action will be taken.

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