Watch: Zebra escapes from zoo, found roaming in streets of Seoul

New Delhi: A male Zebra escape from the Zoo and roams the street of south Kore’s capital Seoul for three hours. He escaped from the Seoul Children’s Grand Park Zoo on Thursday. Police, fire officials, and zoo staff were all involved in capturing him safely at the zoo’s back.

According to the Seoul Gwangjin Fire Station, the young zebra, who was born at the zoo in 2021, was able to escape after breaking the wooden fencing around his pen.

Videos and pictures emerging of a zebra on the loose in the streets of Seoul today

— Hyunsu Yim (@hyunsuinseoul) March 23, 2023

Sero was eventually apprehended by officials using a safety fence after entering a narrow alleyway. He was tranquillized before being transported back to the zoo in the back of a truck.

imagine just casually discovering a zebra standing in the corner of your street

— Hyunsu Yim (@hyunsuinseoul) March 23, 2023

According to a spokesperson for the Children’s Grand Park Zoo, the zebra has been evaluated by veterinarians and is in good health.

The zoo is home to over 400 animals of 38 different species, including Korean dogs, monkeys, and donkeys.

Netizens Reaction

A user mention his friend in the comment and share the same kind of exprience they had, “remember the time we saw a zebra being transported in a cage through Rio grande City?” Another user wroyte, “This is sooo random lol.”

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