Watch: Mumbai Sanpada flyover under space used as public sports complex

Mumbai: As the population increases in cities, common spaces are becoming rarer, like public playgrounds and many more. The solution to this can be seen in Mumbai, where a public sports complex was built under the Sanpada flyover.

A video of a popular content creator Dhananjay_Tech is going viral in which he shows how the space under a flyover was converted to make a cricket pitch, basketball court, and badminton court. A net was placed over this area to prevent the balls from bouncing into the streets.

This is brilliant idea
I think all cities should implement this

Does your city have something similar?

— Dhananjay_Tech (@Dhananjay_Tech) March 27, 2023

According to the local media reports that this public sports complex covers 2745.27 square kilometres. It became available for public use in December 2022.

Netizens Reaction

A user wrote, “Let’s revisit this in 6 months.” While replying to this Dhananjay comments, “I’ll do that! Reminder is set for 6 months.” Another user write, “I still think parking is huge problem this can be done where people dont park there vehicle on road or enough parking space is available.” Dhananjay replied, “Parking is also a very good idea in my opinion if done properly else people will end up hoarding the space to keep their unused cars or bikes.”

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