Watch Moment Pat Sajak Tackles Wheel of Fortune Contestant with Perfect Game

One “Wheel of Fortune” winner got quite the surprise out of host Pat Sajak this week.

On Tuesday’s episode, one of the contestants — an Aloha shirt-wearing man named Fred — revealed he was a drama teacher, bar trivia host and professional wrestler. He shared he didn’t get paid a whole lot for that latter gig, but was in it “for the fun.”

The contestant did so well on the show that Sajak jokingly dubbed the episode “The Fred Fletcher Jackson Show.” The host even told Fred’s competitors, “To you two, I want to say, it happens sometimes, someone just gets really hot” — before offering to “body slam” Jackson on behalf of the losers.

“It very rarely happens that we get someone who just swept everything,” Sajak told him ahead of the final round — which he also solved correctly, leading to an impressive total of $75,800.

As Fred celebrated his win, Sajak then ran back onto the stage, pulled the contestant’s arm behind his back and attempted to put him in a headlock.

After his big win and totally perfect game, Jackson said he was “shellshocked” by his winnings.

“I honestly didn’t expect to get even one, let alone all of them,” he said in a backstage interview with Pat’s 28-year-old daughter Maggie Sajak. “Dreams can come true, because mine just did.”

Maggie also asked what Fred thought of her dad’s “wrestling skills,” with Jackson saying, “He got me. Genuinely, I was trying to counter his hammer lock that he had me in. I wasn’t going anywhere.”

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