Watch: ‘Man in skirt’ breaks gender stereotypes in Mumbai local

Mumbai: A video of a man 24-year-old dressed up in female attire is going viral. He is performing a ramp walk on a Mumbai local train. The man identified as Shivam Bhardwaj shared the video on his Instagram handle.

In the post, he can be seen wearing a black skirt and performing a ramp walk in the local train department. He belongs to Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut. He belongs to the LGBQ community—a gay man who supports gender neutrality. He believes that clothing and makeup should not belong to any specific gender.

In the video, Shivam is seen in a black ensemble walking across the compartment as commuters stare on, some stunned, some amused.

According to media reports he said, “When I was editing my reel, I saw people’s reactions to my ramp walk in the local train and it was shocking. Some people were left with their mouths wide open, but there was also a man who came up to me and asked if I am an artist, and that made me happy that there are people who understand.”

He added, “Men can wear skirts too. Because it hasn’t been seen in Indian society, it is very shocking to people around them, and they don’t want to believe that a boy is wearing a skirt. However, I do believe times are changing.”

The reason behind wearing a skirt, “When women can wear a pantsuit, men can also wear a skirt and it won’t affect their manhood, if you’re a man you will stay a man even if you wear a skirt.”

Shivam’s obsession with skirts began when he bought one for a friend but was tempted to try it on himself and realised he looked good in it. Despite the fact that his loved ones warned him against posting a video in a skirt, he persisted and did so. ‘theguyinaskirt’ was born after the video went viral.

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