Watch: Man dresses up like Urfi Javed, goes viral

Viral: A man is going viral on social media for his offbeat fashion sense, just like Urfi Javed. People addressed him as Urfi’s brother after seeing his fashion sense and style.

The viral video was posted on Instagram by an account called Tiktokkar Tharun. This person is a big fan of Urfi Javed based on his or her fashion sense in many videos that have surfaced on Instagram. This is because this person, like Urfi Javed, is seen wearing an unusual outfit. The man can be seen wearing a dress made of award and tape in a viral video.

Apart from this, the boy is seen wearing a dress made of newspaper, Chillies, plastic foil and many more.

Who is Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed is known for her wired fashion sense. On the one hand, some people are seen doubting their fashion sense. At the same time, many people admire her fashion and the unusual dresses she creates. This is due to the fact that Urfi Javed has been seen in a number of bizarre outfits.

Urfi has left a lasting impression on many people’s hearts and minds by wearing unusual outfits such as a vegetable basket dress, a blue wire-wrapped dress, a blade dress, and a watch dress.

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