Want to make money with Mutual fund, follow these 5 steps

Mutual Fund: Over the years, Mutual Funds have gained popularity as a preferred instrument as an investment option in the capital market. The vast spectrum of mutual funds can be confusing for investors, but with patience and discipline, it is possible to build a profitable investment portfolio and make money. Here are some steps that can help you succeed in your investment objective and make money from mutual funds.

Understand your investment objective and risk appetite

This is the first step in the process of investing. Before investing in Mutual Funds, you must be clear about your investment objectives based on your risk appetite level. Knowing your investment objectives will help you decide how much to invest, for how long to invest and the type of investment. You can divide your goals into three categories. Short-term target, mid-term target (three to five years) and long-term target (more than 5 years).

Research mutual funds

The next step is to find the right mutual fund that suits your needs. Research different mutual funds according to your investment goals and risk appetite. This allows you to get the maximum profit-making experience. Read any mutual fund prospectus, which contains information about the fund’s investment objectives, strategies, risks, and fees.

Choose the Right Mutual Fund

Based on your research, choose a mutual fund that has given good risk-adjusted returns over a long time and has an experienced and stable fund management team. You will have various types of funds in front of you, which include stock funds, debt funds, index funds and international funds etc. Choose one of these funds, which is better for you. If you have a goal to be accomplished in two years, then you should choose a mutual fund from the debt fund category.

Monitor portfolio

Track your mutual fund investments to see whether the mutual fund is performing as per your investment objectives. Regularly review the fund’s performance and investment-related fees. Also, keep in mind that poor performance can be due to various reasons such as poor market conditions or wrong stock/sector picking by the fund manager.

Rebalance portfolio

The performance of your mutual fund investments may change over time, resulting in an imbalance in your portfolio. Rebalancing your portfolio from time to time can help ensure that you are maintaining the right level of diversification. Doing this regularly can help you maintain your desired asset allocation.

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