Velaris welcomes Udara Wijeratna as Country Head (SL) & Vice President of Engineering

Velaris – An emerging startup that’s making a big impact on the Customer Success space appoints the SaaS industry specialist, Udara Wijeratna as the Country Head of Sri Lanka & Vice President of Engineering, the copany announced.

“This unique team of problem solvers, designers, engineers, and developers, living and working across the globe, is empowering businesses to put customers front and center. Velaris pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, united by the singular aim to change the world of Customer Success,” a news release said.

Wijeratna joins Velaris after a dedicated career at SyscoLABS spearheading Corporate Technology and International engineering divisions. Specializing in enterprise application design, he guided over 120 engineers to excel in the delivery of quality products to Sysco USA.

“Udara surged through the ranks with technical expertise and a focus on enterprise with industry leaders like Pearson and Virtusa. An AWS Certified Solutions Architect he is now an instrumental consultant in the acceleration of SaaS product engineering and cloud enablement start-ups,” the release said.

Educated at Nalanda College, Colombo, Udara went on to graduate from the University of Colombo and the University of Kelaniya where he holds a BSc. (Hons) in Information Technology and a BSc. (Hons) in Physical Science. He acquired a distinction for MSc in Enterprise Application Development from Sheffield Hallam University.

“A strategic problem-solver, Udara will collaborate with team members to ensure design requirements are met and plan, direct, coordinate, and oversee activities in the Engineering department. By ensuring the development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet the current and future needs of the company, he’ll be responsible for keeping everyone’s eyes on the prize. His primary role will be to ensure that all processes run smoothly while creating a culture that rewards motivation and cooperation,” the release said..

“We are thrilled to welcome Udara as our new VP of Engineering and Country Head to help take Velaris to the next level. Having led high-performing cross-functional teams for the last 10+ years, Udara brings a wealth of technical and managerial experience to the team. We are very excited about all the innovation and the great culture that will come under his leadership.” says José Fernández-Castaño, Co-founder / COO welcoming Udara to the helm.

A similar greeting was given by Dilanka Kalutota – Co-founder/CEO who considered it an honour to have Udara on board. “Udara was the missing piece of our remarkably talented team in Sri Lanka. The wealth of expertise he brings on board will enable us to scale at a higher velocity whilst maintaining stability.”

About Velaris

Velaris, a UK-based tech startup with routes to Sri Lanka and Spain is co-founded by Dilanka Kalutota and José Fernández-Castaño. The product, a pioneering customer success platform named Velaris for B2B tech companies has disrupted the customer success market by filling a specific market gap. With a €4.7M investment by venture capital firm Octopus, followed by Zaka and Fintech 365, customer-centricity is not a process at Velaris – it’s a mindset that is part of the company’s DNA.

Their mission is to build state-of-the-art products for B2B companies, enabling them to make their customers successful. The focus is on helping B2B tech companies to better understand their customers, strengthen relationships, and retain and expand their business through data-driven decisions. Velaris aims to develop R&D and boost expansion in London, Madrid, and Sri Lanka.

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