Theater in Chennai denies admission to tribal family despite tickets, issues ‘clarification’ after backlash

Rohini: An incident took place at the famous Rohini Theatre in Chennai, where several people gather to watch Silambarasan’s Pathu Thala, including a tribal family who was stopped by the theatre management from entering the hall even though they had tickets.

After people raised their voices who were present at the movement, were allowed to watch another show. Rohini Theatre has issued a clarification after the video went viral, but they are getting slammed for their statement.

டிக்கெட் இருந்தும் நரிக்குறவ மக்களை படம் பார்க்க அனுமதிக்காத @RohiniSilverScr திரையரங்கம் …

இவுங்களுக்கு நீ தனி ஷோ போட்டுக்காட்டத்தான் போற அத நான் பாக்கத்தான் போறேன் …#RohiniTheatre #PathuThala @SilambarasanTR_ @CMOTamilnadu @IamSellvah

— Viji Nambai (@vijinambai) March 30, 2023

The tribal family was later allowed into the hall after the people raised the issue with the theatre management. GV Prakash, a composer, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter. His tweet in Tamil is loosely translated as, “Later, I heard, the sister and brothers were allowed to enter the hall. It is unacceptable that they were not permitted in the first place. Art belongs to everyone.”

— Rohini SilverScreens (@RohiniSilverScr) March 30, 2023

Rohini Theatre clarification

Netizens chastised Rohini Theatre for their actions and accused them of discriminating against the tribal family. Later, the theatre’s management issued a clarification.

The post read, “We have taken note of the situation that has unfolded in our premises today morning before the screening of Pathu Thala Movie. A few individuals along with their children with valid tickets have sought entry to the cinema to watch the Pathu Thala movie. As we know, the movie is censored U/A by the authorities. Children below the age of 12 cannot be permitted to watch any movie that is certified U/A as per the law. Or ticket checking staff has denied entry on this basis to the family who had come with children aged 26,8 and 10.”
“However, since the audience gathered turned into a frenzy and took a different perspective of the situation without full understanding, to avert any law and order problem and to desensitise the matter, the same family was allowed entry to watch the movie on time.”

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