Terrifying Moment Jersey Home Exploded with Firefighters Inside Caught on Body Cam

Body camera footage from a terrifying home explosion last month has been released online, showing police and firefighters run for cover after the home they responded to burst into a ball of flames.

It all went down in the early hours of January 14 in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, after an officer on a routine patrol noticed smoke coming out of the home. After getting the owner to safety, the fire department was dispatched the the house — and six volunteer firefighters entered to investigate.

The video shows one firefighter entering the house seconds before it explodes and becomes engulfed in flames. Multiple angles of the incident are included in the footage below.

According to Pompton Lakes fire official John Keating (via CBS), two firefighters who were right by the door were “blown out” into the driveway. Two others and a lieutenant were in the basement when the explosion happened.

“Two firefighters suffered severe burns and were treated at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center. Four other firefighters sustained minor injuries and refused further medical treatment,” read an official press release. “These volunteer firemen are owed a debt of gratitude for their courage and bravery. We thank them for the job they do on a day to day basis.”

In a social media post on Monday, after the footage was released to the media, the Pompton Lakes Police Department added they “would like to thank all of the brave first responders who responded to this explosion. We are eternally grateful that there were no fatalities.”

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

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