Teresa Giudice Reveals Real Reason She Didn't Invite Melissa Gorga's Mom to Wedding

Joe Gorga and wife Melissa made it very clear they thought it was a “slap in the face” Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas didn’t invite Melissa’s family to their wedding … and now we know why they didn’t score save the dates.

On Tuesday’s new episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the talk about wedding invitations was revived again as the cast planned a trip to the Jersey Shore. Speaking with Jennifer Aydin, Giudice said she though it was odd Joe and Melissa didn’t invite her and Louie to stay at their Shore home.

In a confessional, she went on to suggest it was hypocritical for her brother and sister-in-law to be upset with her about not inviting Melissa’s family to the wedding, while holding out on an invitation to the Shore house in return.

After the cast made it down the coast for a luau at the Gorgas, the invites came up again as Teresa was asked whether not inviting Melissa’s mother and sisters to the wedding was an “oversight.” Giudice was adamant that wasn’t the case — saying, “It’s not an oversight. We have a history and I’ll leave it at that.”

A producer got a little more out of Giudice in a confessional, after asking her to explain the “history” between them.

“Okay, I guess I’ll be honest. What happened 10 years ago was I got busy and I guess they got jealous,” said Teresa — as old social media posts from Melissa’s sisters Kim and Lysa, as well as her mother Donna, flashed on screen in which they called Teresa a “diva” and a liar.

“Melissa’s mother and sister were writing stuff about me on social media and I know my mother would never write about anybody on social media, so I kept my distance after that,” Giudice added. “I respect them … I’m the type where I’ll forgive but never forget.”

Louie then shocked Teresa by revealing he actually went up to Melissa’s mother at the luau earlier in the night and apologized to her about the wedding drama. Giudice was taken aback — but added in a confessional, “Do I wish Louie would have discussed it with me prior to speaking to her? Of course, but I love Louie and I know he’s trying to be a peacemaker.”

She then told Louie to find Donna and officially invite her to the wedding — but Melissa’s mother had already left the party.

Joe Gorga previously said on the show that Joe Giudice’s family members were invited to his wedding to Melissa, because he felt it was “the right thing to do.” He even confronted Louie about it during a guys night out this season.

Ruelas and Teresa eventually got married back in August, and Joe and Melissa ultimately opted not to attend the festivities. Since the wedding, the family members have continued to feud publicly.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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