Teen High on Salvia Survives 60-Foot Fall After Jumping Out Apartment Complex Window

A San Diego man is lucky to be alive after surviving his “last trip ever.”

20-year-old Sam Taylor broke his feet, pelvis, right wrist, ribs and sternum after throwing himself out an apartment complex window in Salt Lake City when he was 19, blaming the incident on a bad experience on salvia, a legal hallucinogenic.

“I thought it would be a good idea to experience something other-worldly,” he said in an interview with NBC 7 San Diego. “The room got black and I looked up at my friend’s face and it looked like it was melting.”

Video in the news package above shows Taylor running from his friend — who NBC said was his “trip-sitter,” or sober person watching him during his trip — out an apartment door, down a hallway and straight out a window, which was 60-feet off the ground. His friend looks on in sheer horror as glass is seen spraying everywhere. Sam says he doesn’t remember any of it.

“They said I had a 15% chance of survival when I came in [to the hospital],” Taylor told the outlet. Now, he gets around with either a cane or wheelchair.

“There was a point not too long ago where I thought I would never walk again, so being able to even walk around today with a cane, it feels really good,” he added.

While Taylor said he’s “tripped probably over 100 times” in his five years of using psychedelics, he promised this last incident was his “last trip ever.”

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