Summer Drink Recipes: 2 coolers that will surely make you feel refreshed

Summer Drink Recipes: Seasonal fruits naturally moisturise the body while also being packed with antioxidants that boost immunity. Mangoes, grapes, and jamun can be added to summertime beverages to assist increase energy and make us feel more active. For an extra boost of nutrition, sprinkle on some spices and herbs.

Here are two refreshing Summer Drink Recipes 

Grapes Lemonade: Ingredients

Black Grapes – 20 nos
Powdered Sugar – 2 tbsp
Black salt – ½ tsp
Roasted Cumin powder – ½ tbsp
Pepper powder – ½ tsp
Lemon juice – 3 tbsp
Ice cubes – handful
Lemon wedges – 2 nos
Soda Water, chilled – 200 ml


Add some black grapes, powdered sugar, black salt, roasted cumin powder, pepper powder, and lemon juice to a mixer grinder jar and blend everything together to make grape lemonade.

In a glass, place some ice cubes and a few lemon wedges. Fill it with the grape purée.

Fill the glass with the cold soda water. It’s time for your grapes lemonade.

Gur Mango Jaljeera: Ingredients

Take a large raw mango (preferably medium sour)

three whistles in a pressure cooker.

Remove the cooked raw mango’s pulp and add it to the mixture jar.

Add 2 tsp of jaljeera, 1/2 of a fresh chilli, black salt, and roasted cumin powder (for a little spicy twist)

Include a few mint leaves

Add 2-4 tablespoons of jaggery powder to suit your tastes.

Make a smooth pulp in a mixer grinder by pulverising everything.

Apply fresh lime to the lip of a serving glass and then dip it in salt and Kashmiri red chilli powder to decorate it.

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