Soya Maggie Recipe: Do you get late night cravings? This dish will come handy

Soya Maggie Recipe: Many spring nights, while sleeping, suddenly sleep opens up and gets hungry. In such a situation, you feel like eating something that can quickly satisfy your mild hunger and does not take much time to prepare. But it is a matter to think that what should you make that can be prepared quickly? If the same happens with you, then read this article completely. May be your problem will be solved.

We are talking about Soya Maggi which is so easy to make that you can eat it within minutes. And again get lost in the world of dreams. Let’s know how to make Tasty Soya Maggi, which can satiate your hunger.

Soya Maggi Recipe: Ingredients

2 packets – Maggi masala
1 cup- Mix vegetables (finely chopped)
2 spoons – oil
salt to taste
1- Red chili powder
1- Onion (chopped)
water as needed
1 cup – Soybean
1 tsp – Green coriander finely chopped


To make Soya Maggi, first of all soak the soybeans.
After this wash all the vegetables thoroughly and wipe them.
Now chop all the vegetables finely, and keep them aside in a bowl.
After this, heat one spoon of oil in the pan.
When the oil is well heated, add finely chopped onion to it and fry till it turns brown.
Now put all the chopped vegetables in it, and add soaked soybeans as well.
Mixing well, mix everything, now put a little water in it and cover it.
Check after about a minute, if the vegetables are ready, then turn off the gas.
Now add soyabean, maggi masala, soya sauce, chili etc. to it and cook for some more time.
Now add pieces of Maggi in the pan and mix it well with the vegetables.
Then add 1 cup of water and leave Maggi to cook.
After just 10 minutes your ‘Soya Maggi’ will be ready to eat.
Now eat your Tasty Soya Maggi and satiate your hunger.

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