South Indian foods: 5 popular varieties of sambhar that melt your taste bud

South Indian foods: We enjoy eating the popular and healthful breakfast dishes idli-sambhar, dosa-sambhar, and vada-sambhar on a leisurely morning. Without this curry, all of these dishes would be lacking. India-wide chowhounds love the classic South Indian cuisine sambhar. Delicious idlis, vadas, and dosas can all be paired with a bowl of smokin’ hot sambhar. Sambhar is a vegetable stew made with lentils, dal, and tamarind broth. 

The recipe’s abundance of vegetables and flavorful spices makes it quite nutritious. Many variations of this well-known meal are prepared all around the nation. Here are some fascinating sambhar recipes that you may make at home and share with your loved ones if you love sambhar:

1. Sambhar

This is the basic recipe for the delicacy from South India. Sambhar is a unique recipe since it uses less oil and a variety of vegetables to boost its nutritional value. Have it with warm idlis for a delectable lunch.

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2. Kerala Sambhar

Toor dal, mixed veggies including brinjal, ladyfingers, red pumpkin, and tamarind for flavouring make up Kerala Sambhar, a delectable dish. A hot masala made with coconut, onion, coriander seeds, pepper, fenugreek, and cumin is another option. Relish hot rice and Kerala sambhar.

3. Methi Leaves Sambhar

Toor dal and a variety of veggies are typically used in the preparation of sambhar. You can include your favourite vegetables, such as bottle gourd, drumsticks, and scarlet pumpkin. Methi leaves increase flavour and nutritional value. Sambhar with methi leaves is ready to be served!

4. Beetroot Sambhar

The only step in this recipe is to simmer the beets until they are soft by adding tamarind, tomato puree, sambhar masala, and toor dal. Serve the meal over hot idlis or dosas and top with fried coconut.

5. Kairi Sambhar

The foundation of every sambhar dish is the same, consisting of savoury toor dal and nutrient-dense veggies. You will need tiny, sour, raw mangoes for Kairi Sambhar. This imparts a delightful sweet and sour flavour to the recipe. Add tamarind essence if the mangoes are not particularly tart.

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