Sophia Grace Introduces Baby Boy, Tells Birth Story

Sophia Grace Brownlee is recalling the chain of events that led to her welcoming her baby boy last month.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, the 19-year-old “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” alum formally introduced her bundle of joy to her followers for the first time before diving into her birth story. Sophia Grace gave birth to her son on February 26.

Though she’s yet to reveal his name, she gave fans a brief glimpse at the newborn. “So I thought I’d give you guys a little sneak peek,” the social media star said while holding him with his face turned away from the camera. “I’m not really showing his face yet because I just don’t feel ready to yet.”

“He’s currently two weeks and three days at the moment. He still looks pretty small, obviously, he’s a newborn,” Brownlee continued, cuddling her baby who already had a full head of matching dark hair.

Later in the video, the influencer revealed she had gone into labor after filming the last vlog posted to her YouTube channel.

“My last video, you’ve actually seen on my channel, which was called Weekend Vlog, I believe, where I just went out for the day and showed you guys what I was doing — I actually went into labor that evening, like middle of the night,” Brownlee shared. “I just went out that day as normal, as you saw in the vlog. I was with my dad.”

After feeling little to no pain during her day, she went to bed but woke from serious stomach cramps at 3 a.m. When her cramps began transitioning into pain, Sophia Grace recalled alerting her mother who chalked them up to Braxton-hicks or false contractions after she confessed to “crying wolf” during the course of her pregnancy in anticipation of her labor.

The influencer eventually called a midwife hotline after timing her contractions with an app and decided to head to the hospital.

“When I got there, I went into the room where you get examined, and I turned out to be three centimeters dilated. Which, I was so shocked, because as you know, you have to be 10 to give birth,” she explained.

Sophia Grace was then given an epidural before she was admitted to the labor ward after experiencing “the worst” pain ever. The social media star recalled experiencing everything from fever to throbbing headaches and after a few rounds of pushing, her delivery team informed her they needed to use forceps to aid her delivery after discovering her baby was breached.

“Soon after that, another doctor comes in and he was like, ‘We’re gonna probably do forceps, but it might even be a c-section,'” she continued. “That didn’t really scare me that word, because he was breached a couple times. So, I was sort of planning in my head like, ‘You’re probably gonna end up having to have one.”

Brownlee was eventually taken to the operating room for a c-section after her mother and her boyfriend helped her get over her fears of anesthesia. “Initially I didn’t feel that much, but I did feel some tugging — quite a weird sensation when they were pulling the baby out,” she said. “Then, after about five, ten minutes, I heard him cry. And then I cried, I couldn’t believe that I had my own baby. It was just so surreal.”

While the birth of her son was traumatic, Sophia Grace called the moment she first laid eyes on her son, “the best thing ever,” though it was short lived.

She noted, “He got taken away as soon as he was born, to be examined. So, I didn’t really get to hold him straight away.”

“Honestly, the whole experience was amazing, because I got to meet my baby that I carried for a very, very long time,” Brownlee gushed. “I knew I was going to cry, but it was just crazy.”

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