Singer Sri Lanka showcases widest range of energy-efficient refrigerators

Singer Sri Lanka, a pioneer in the consumer electronics industry, has introduced a range of cutting-edge technological innovations to its line of eco-friendly refrigerators. These innovations are setting a new standard in the market and helping consumers save both money and energy. This coincides with the pilot refrigerator replacement project initiated by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) on February 17th, 2023. The project introduced a Minimum Energy Performance (MEP) label to 15 models of refrigerators offered by three major appliance vendors in the country, out of which Sisil brand under SINGER comprises of 9 models. This enables customers to identify energy-efficient products at the point of sale by display of energy usage information. The objective of the program is to progressively reduce energy consumption by encouraging energy-efficient products and discouraging energy-wasting products in the market, thereby forcing out obsolete refrigerators from the grid.

Singer Sri Lanka has been at the forefront of technological innovations in refrigeration. One of the key features of Singer/Sisil refrigerators is the use of R600a refrigerant, which was introduced by Singer Sri Lanka approximately ten years ago. This environmentally friendly refrigerant has since become the standard in the South Asian region, with other vendors & brands following suit. Singer/Sisil refrigerators are also among the most efficient and energy-saving on the market, boasting an impressive A+++ rating.

Kelum Kospelawatte, the Factory Director of Singer Sri Lanka, stated that the company has always been ahead of the game when it comes to technological innovations in refrigeration. Kospelawatte stated, “To my knowledge, there were no special modifications required. We had the required technology in our refrigerators all along. Singer/Sisil refrigerators have always conformed to the standards set by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority. In fact, Singer and Sisil refrigerators don’t just conform to high standards, we often exceed them.”

Singer/Sisil refrigerators also come with several other features that set them apart from the competition. For example, they are designed with specialties such as “Inverters”, “No Frost” and “Direct Cool” and are available in single-door and two-door models with a wide range of designs and capacities. The coolant used in Singer/Sisil refrigerators is Hydrocarbon – R600a, the best refrigerant available in the market. Additionally, these refrigerators are equipped with an environmental temperature sensor that adjusts the temperature simultaneously with the temperature of the room, further conserving energy.

The trend among consumers towards purchasing refrigerators that use natural coolants such as R600a is growing. Thus, consumers who are currently using refrigerators with old refrigerants, and models older than ten years, should consider upgrading to a new Singer/Sisil refrigerator to save on their electricity bill and help save the environment. Overall, Singer Sri Lanka’s commitment to eco-friendly refrigeration technology is making a significant impact in the industry. Their Singer/Sisil refrigerators not only conform to high standards but often exceed them, making them the top choice for consumers looking for an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option. With Singer Sri Lanka leading the way, consumers can expect even more eco-friendly innovations in the future.

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