Scheana Shay Details What Allegedly Went Down During Post-WWHL Fight with Raquel Leviss

Scheana Shay opened up like she hasn’t before about what allegedly happened between her and Raquel Leviss the night the Scandoval affair finally came to light.

While Raquel has claimed Scheana punched her in the face when Shay found out about the Tom Sandoval affair following a taping of “Watch What Happens Live” in New York, Scheana has long denied that happened. On her Scheananigans podcast on Friday with “Vanderpump Rules” costar Lala Kent, Shay shared her side of the story — after a restraining order against her filed by Leviss was dropped on Wednesday.

“Finally I can talk about it all. The TRO was dismissed today and I’m finally free to talk about that night, to talk about her, say it all,” said Scheana, before criticizing Raquel for what she believed was an abuse of the justice system.

“These orders of protection, it’s not a joke, people genuinely need these. People are genuinely in danger … and there’s people like her who are just like, I did it to get a cooling off period, to try and get out of the reunion, try to save face, to try and paint this victim picture when, no bitch, you’re the one who decided to sleep with your best friend’s boyfriend for 7+ months,” she said. “You’re the bad person here and now you’re abusing the justice system when people need it. It’s disgusting.”

Kent chimed in, calling Leviss a “repulsive” person who “needs a lot of help,” while Shay said she would be okay never seeing Raquel again. Lala then brought up the night in question after WWHL, saying she bets Raquel’s “mask completely fell and you saw her for exactly who she is” after admitting to the affair.

“Hence why my hands ended up on her after she grabbed my wrist,” said Scheana. “No, I did not punch her. As we’ve established, I can’t really form a fist with these nails. There’s barkers in this group and there’s biters and that night, I was a biter. I had no words because nothing was getting through her.”

“When she touched me, I was so enraged. I was like, ‘Get off me. Get out of my space. I don’t want you anywhere near me,'” she added, saying she only pushed Raquel away. “I needed her away from me in that moment. That fact that she had not a single tear, no remorse. She sat at the reunion and did not shed one tear.”

Lala added that Leviss “actually smiled” at the reunion — saying, “it was scary, it was like watching the Joker.” Said Scheana: “That’s what it was like that night, ‘Oops, slept with him for 7 months, my bad.'”

Shay added she was surprised about the TRO, because she believed the two of them were fine in the first few days after the incident. Shay said she wasn’t harassing Leviss and didn’t even want to communicate with her when she was hit with the restraining order.

“I want no contact with you, so why six days later file a TRO?” she asked, also calling out what she saw as inconsistencies with Leviss’ alleged injuries. “This whole way she was trying to spin, ‘I’m the victim,’ No, you did a bad thing, you are not a victim here.”

Shay went on to say that she’s now “mourning the loss of my friend Raquel while asking myself, ‘Who the f— is Rachel?'” Getting emotional, she added, “Raquel broke a piece of my heart … I went to bat for her, I was a ride or die for her.”

She added that she still hasn’t gotten an apology from Leviss.

“I haven’t gotten s— from you. The amount of stress this caused me, it’s just … it’s beyond that I’ve not gotten a, ‘I’m so sorry this got so out of hand,'” she concluded. “Just the decency of that. Because saying nothing is still saying something.”

The restraining order was thrown out by the judge on Wednesday after Leviss failed to appear at a hearing. As reported by TMZ, Raquel already announced at the “Pump Rules” reunion taping she planned to dismiss the order.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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