Scary Moment Truck Crashes Into Cafe as Podcasters Record

We’ve never seen someone crash an interview quite like this before.

Just as November Romeo host Nathan Reeves was wrapping up his interview with photographer Alexsey Reyes at a Houston coffee shop over the weekend, the two were interrupted in terrifying fashion.

In footage Reeves shared from the incident, he’s seen remarking how “quiet” it is inside the shop — just as an SUV begins skidding out of control in view behind them. The vehicle then drives straight into the glass window they’re recording in front of, smashing it to pieces as Reeves jumps out of the way and Reyes reacts in shock.

Both Reeves and Reyes appeared to be okay immediately after the crash, with the host saying into camera, “We’re chilling, everyone’s good.”

“Holy s—, oh my god. What the f— just happened, dude?” he then asked, as the scene continued to unfold in the background. “Thank god we are all okay! don’t run reds,” Reeves captioned the clip, joking, “This episode definitely ended with a bang.”

Reyes later told Fox 26 Houston he “went into instant shock” when the crash happened, adding that he had some scratches from the glass. Reeves, meanwhile, was grateful the accident wasn’t as bad as it could have been — telling the outlet, “The table was like sealed into the ground so if that car went any further, I don’t even like to think about that part.”

The driver of the car was reportedly cited for running a red light — which caused her to collide with another vehicle, before spinning out into the coffee shop.

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