Raquel Leviss 'Red Flags' Called Out In Chilling Vanderpump Rules Episode Pre-Scandoval

Andy Cohen wasn’t wrong when he called this week’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules” “shocking” before it aired.

The new hour was truly chaotic in the wake of the Raquel LevissTom Sandoval cheating scandal — as Raquel was called out for preying on other women’s men and got into a huge fight with Lala Kent over “respecting” other people’s relationships.

It kicked off with Raquel, Lala, Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly returning to their suite after a night out in Las Vegas. Leviss was particularly tipsy, having enjoyed an evening making out with Garcelle Beauvais’ possibly-married son Oliver, who Lala was also interested in. “The sloppiness of Raquel tonight made me go, I don’t know if I would trust you after one too many drinks,” Lala said in a confessional, a comment which would become a common theme throughout the episode.

As Lala, Katie and Kristina talked about Raquel’s behavior throughout the night, Maloney jokingly called her, “Mrs. I’m Gonna Make Out with Your Man,” after Leviss previously asked her ex Tom Schwartz and make out … before going after a guy Lala was also into. “I’m starting to see a pattern in Raquel,” she added, “It seems that she’s only interested in men that her friends are either married to or interested in and that is a big red flag for me.”

As Raquel joined the conversation, Kent flat out told her, “I will say, you drinking, I will never trust you around my man. Never.” Slurring her words, Raquel responded, “I mean, like, thank god you don’t have a man.” That comment really ticked off Kent, who felt it was disrespectful to not only her, but women in relationships everywhere. “If Raquel were not wasted right now, I’d put this bitch right back in her grave,” she added in a confessional.

After Raquel left the room — but kept listening to the conversation outside the door — Katie started joking, “Hide your kids, hide your boyfriend!” With that, Raquel retreated back to her own room and broke down crying, before adding in a confessional, “The last thing I was expecting was to be judged on getting drunk and having fun.”

The next morning, Lala said she was worried about having anyone in her life “who’s going to be a liability and who’s unpredictable” — referring to Leviss — before Raquel entered the room. Leviss said she was embarrassed about her actions, knowing that she “said something that was very offensive” to Lala, but couldn’t quite recall what it was. After filling her in, Lala wondered if Raquel felt it was okay to swoop in on a man another woman “can’t keep” — with Leviss saying she did not.

Raquel then brought up the fact Lala slept with James Kennedy while she was dating him — saying in a confessional, “It’s a little weird that Lala of all people is schooling me about respecting relationships, when she was the one that slept with my boyfriend. This is textbook definition of a hypocrite.” Put a pin in that thought, we’ll circle back to it later.

The ladies then started driving to Lake Havasu, where Raquel gave some insight into her split from Kennedy — claiming he blew up at her father, called him “miserable and pathetic” and even said her mother was “a bitch” — before wondering who she is now that she’s single. “I feel like, in a relationship like that where I’m so focused on James, I lost my identity … who am I?” she asked, before having a full-blown panic attack in the car.

After the women reassured her she’d be okay and got her breathing properly, they met up with Charli Burnett in Havasu and went out to dinner … where attention once again turned to Raquel’s behavior the previous evening.

“When Raquel drinks she completely turns into a different person. Liability,” said Lala, before bringing up the “Thank god you don’t have a man” to steal comment again. “That should never be anything to be proud of,” she said. Again, Raquel brought up Lala sleeping with James — as Kent hit back, “You gotta get over it. It was six years ago.”

Charli pointed out, however, that while it happened six years ago, Lala only just admitted it to Raquel weeks prior.

As they both said they wouldn’t trust the other around their hypothetical men, Kent then brought up how Raquel recently tried making out with Schwartz as well. Leviss then took it a step further by blurting out that Lala “slept with a married man” — referring to Randall Emmett, who wasn’t officially divorced from “You” actress Ambyr Childers when they started dating.

“And you tried to make out with a still-married man. Shut your mouth!” Katie exclaimed, joining the fray. “I’m trying to move past some s— that you just did, Raquel. I’ve been very, very, very gracious to you, but I don’t have to be. I could literally light your ass on f—ing fire for what you’ve done.”

“You don’t know s— about it,” Lala then shouted, as Raquel said people were calling Kent a “mistress” at the time. After Lala said “I recommend you disengage immediately,” she added in a confessional, “The word mistress hits such a nerve with me because Randall has never ever had to defend himself. It is me who’s had to wear that and pay for someone else’s actions.”

With that, Lala, Katie and Kelly left the restaurant, while Raquel said she no longer felt welcome by the other women and Charli compared the whole situation to the infamous “Shame!” march from “Game of Thrones.” The next morning, Raquel announced that she and Charli were leaving, feeling “it was a mistake for me to come on this trip” in the first place. She said they were going to meet up with Scheana Shay and Schwartz, which, of course, generated even more eye rolls from Katie.

As she walked out, she threw one last parting shot at Lala, saying, “I think you’re just a little bit angry because Oliver did choose me over you. If he wanted to take you out on the dance floor, he would have done that.”

Of course, Raquel throwing the word “mistress” at Lala and fighting over who can be trusted around other women’s husbands or boyfriends all hits different now … since it wasn’t long after this that she started hooking up with Ariana Madix’s longtime boyfriend. Viewers also know she’ll make out with Schwartz at some point this season too … so the fireworks are just getting started.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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