Raquel Leviss Called Out for 'Sweet Innocent Act' on Vanderpump Rules

The ongoing season of “Vanderpump Rules” hits a little different now that the affair between Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval has been exposed. According to reports, the two started hooking up last summer, around the same time they were filming the episodes currently airing weekly on Bravo.

With cameras still rolling, that mess won’t hit the fan until much later this season — but Raquel’s behavior has still been rubbing some of her costars the wrong way in the episodes which have already aired. Why? Because she’s been making moves on the other Tom, Tom Schwartz — admitting she has a bit of a “crush” on him and even propositioning him for a kiss following his divorce from her friend Katie Maloney.

After last week’s episode ended with Raquel admitting to Katie that she tried to smooch Schwartz, it was again a topic of discussion on Wednesday’s new hour.

“I could not believe what you told Katie last night. That you asked Schwartz if he wanted to make out,” Ariana Madix — of all people — said to Raquel as they went bikini shopping before a girls trip to Las Vegas. “I was like, ‘Am I about to be mad at Raquel for the first time?”

“We’ve been encouraging Raquel, get out there, make mistakes, go crazy, but then when she says that she asked Schwartz to make out with her, it’s like, okay but not like that,” added Madix in a side-eye inducing confessional.

Viewers then saw Maloney talking to her friend Kristina Kelly about the Raquel-Schwartz situation, with Kelly making it very clear how she really feels about Leviss. “I feel like I’m the only one who isn’t falling for Raquel’s sweet innocent act,” Kristina said in a confessional, “People walk around treating her like a little baby, but that’s like an insult to babies.”

From there, it was off to Sin City for Raquel, Kristina, Ariana, Katie, Kristina and Lala Kent, though Madix left shortly after arriving upon hearing her dog was at death’s door. Both Kent and Raquel were on the hunt for new men, with Lala admitting she hadn’t had sex at all since conceiving her daughter Ocean. She explained her sex life with Randall Emmet “really declined” once she got sober and claimed her ex even told her assistant, “Lala used to be so kinky, fun and sexy and then she got sober.”

Unfortunately, both women wound up having eyes for the same man — Garcelle Beauvais’ son Oliver, who works at Vanderpump à Paris. While Lala said he was her “type of man,” she also thought he was married with kids. Lisa Vanderpump, however, said she believed he was separated — something Oliver also told Raquel later.

As the women all grabbed dinner together with Katie’s mom and LVP, the Raquel-Schwartz debacle came up yet again — and Katie’s mother was quick to speak up for her daughter.

“I talk to her all the time, I hear her crying, she hurts inside,” she said, looking at Raquel. “They’re still married, they’ve barely even moved out of their home, they’re selling their home, that’s an emotional thing itself!”

“What I’m going through is f—ing hard,” Maloney added in a confessional. “I don’t think Raquel’s fully got it. Tom’s not just some dude I dated. He was our family. If she’s gotta hear it from my mom, she’s gotta hear it from my mom.”

After dinner, both Raquel and Lala expressed their interest in Oliver to each other, with Leviss saying she would “feel awkward” making a move on someone her friend was also into. “If he’s interested in you, I don’t want to like take him from you,” she said, as Kent said to go for it. In a confessional, Lala said she found it interesting Raquel didn’t show any interest in Oliver until after she did.

“I really don’t give two f—s who Raquel is making out with, who she’s putting in her mouth, doesn’t matter to me,” she added in a confessional. “But let’s be real, if this were a competition, I would have won. Oliver and I would be rolling around in my bed.”

The hour ended with Raquel and Oliver dancing, before they started making out on the dance floor.

The make out session made headlines during filming as Oliver was apparently still married to his wife Samantha Saunders at the time. Raquel also later told Page Six that Oliver “misled” her into thinking he was single and claimed they “didn’t hook up.” She added that she found out he was married while getting ready to meet him for a dinner date … which viewers will probably see next week on “Vanderpump Rules.”

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