Rajasthan family gifts ‘Mayra’ worth Rs 3.21 crore to bride, video goes viral

Nagaur: Marriages are full of customs and traditions; one such costume in Rajasthan is known as “Mayra.” This tradition is performed by the mother’s brother, who brings cash, jewellery, and many more from his side. A farmer family in Rajasthan has filled the Mayra of 3 crores and 21 lahks in their niece’s wedding.

3 crores and 21 lahks Mayra

According to media reports, the case has been reported from Burdi village in Deh tehsil (Jayal subdivision) of Nagaur district where the bride’s Mama brings Mayara in crores. Three maternal uncles have filled the Mayra of more than 3 crore rupees for their niece’s marriage. Bhanwarlal Garwa of Burdi, along with his three sons, Harendra, Rameshwar, and Rajendra, in the wedding of his niece (Anushka) who lives in the same district in Jhadeli village, received Rs 81 lakh in cash, a plot worth Rs 30 lakh on Ring Road in Nagaur, a 16-bigha farm, 41 tolas of gold, 3 kg of silver, a new tractor-trolley loaded with paddy, and a scooty.

ऐतिहासिक #मायरा जायल क्षेत्र के बुरड़ी गाँव निवासी श्री पूर्णाराम जी गरवा भंवर लाल जी गरवा द्वारा झाड़ेली गांव के पोटलिया परिवार में भरा 16 बीघा खेत,30 लाख का प्लॉट नागौर रिंग रोड पर, 30 तोला सोना, एक 1 kg चांदी ,एक टेक्टर टोली धान से भरी हुई ,एक स्कूटी और 81 लाख रोकड़ी pic.twitter.com/PVEJv5uLz4

— Rameshwar @Godara #Bikaner Rajasthan (@bikaner_godara) March 15, 2023

Family Background 

Bhanwarlal Chowdhary is a farmer by profession, and his family does farming in the village. He has about 300 and a half acres of land. Bhanwarlal believes that a daughter is born to those who are lucky. It is a priceless gift from God. There is no more incredible wealth in the family than that of the sister, daughter, and daughter-in-law. Everyone should respect them. For the happiness of the sister, her three brothers together filled crores of rupees. Along with all this, they have distributed silver coins to every family in the village

Let us tell you that within the last month, half a dozen houses have been filled in the Nagaur area, which are worth up to one crore each. This Myra came into the limelight because it was more than three crores.

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