Rachel Bilson Reveals First Orgasm From Sex Came at 38

Rachel Bilson is spilling new details about her sex life.

During an episode of her “Broad Ideas” podcast, the 41-year-old actress revealed she didn’t have her first orgasm from sex until she was 38.

While Bilson shared she could reach climax on her own, she was never able to get there with a partner until a few years ago.

“Isn’t that crazy?” she asked her guest, Whitney Cummings. “I was the same as you. It didn’t happen to me until I was 38.”

Cummings had kicked off the conversation by revealing she orgasmed through sex for the first time last year after getting off birth control.

“I could do it with my hands whenever,” the stand-up comedian explained while Bilson agreed, “Of course, yeah. But not from, like, d–- inside.”

Though the “Hart of Dixie” star stayed mum on her experience, Cummings shared the NSFW details of the “perfect combination” that led to her first orgasm.

“He had a straight d—, and I’ve been told my uterus was tilted,” the “2 Broke Girls” star elaborated. “And to me, sex always feels best when you’re on your period.”

She added, “A lot of women say they don’t [orgasm from sex] until after they have a kid,” to which Bilson, who is mom to 8-year-old Briar, replied, “Maybe.”

This isn’t the first time Rachel has opened up about her sex life on her podcast. Back in July 2022, “The O.C.” alum shared how she was raised in a “sex-positive and free” home which as a result allowed her to feel more “open talking about things.”

Soon afterwards Bilson shared a very candid comment about her ex Bill Hader on “Broad Ideas” where she blurted out that the thing she missed the most about Hader was “his big d—!”

She added with a laugh at the time, “You can keep that. Oh, that’s funny. And cut!”

Bilson and Hader split during the beginning of the pandemic in July 2020 after initially linking in 2019.

We’ll let you do the math…

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