Probe underway to arrest several family members

The Kalutara Division Crimes Investigation Bureau has commenced investigations to arrest several close relatives of the millionaire businessman Anuradha Sampath Kudagoda (57), who was shot and killed at Pinwatta, Panadura.

Kudagoda was a liquor store owner.

Investigations have revealed that the shooter and the motorcyclist, who were arrested on Sunday (05) in connection with the murder were well-known to the millionaire businessman. The two suspects are residents of Ginimeldeniya, Telikada.

The motorcyclist is a bus conductor as well as a driver. The shooter is a soil businessman. Further investigations have revealed that he is also involved in the land business.

Investigations have also revealed that the murdered millionaire businessman is also a resident of Telikeda. During investigations it was discovered that he had come to reside in Kirillawala, Kadawatha after marriage.

It has been revealed further that his wife is from Telikeda. It has become apparent during investigations that the girl who was the wife’s bridesmaid and friend in that marriage has now become the wife of this businessman and that the marriage is not a registered marriage. She is a teacher in a school near Kalutara. According to investigations, the three-storied house he was building in Pinwatte was for her.

During investigations it had come to light that the businessman was ready to divorce his legal wife and marry the teacher who was his mistress. It is in the meantime that this murder has taken place.

It has now been revealed that the arrested shooter and the motorcyclist had carried out the murder based on a contract of Rs. 2 million. According to investigations, the shooter as well as the motorcyclist are two individuals who have no connection with previous crimes and have been involved in this crime as they became greedy for the money.

The contract had been given to them both, by a relative of the businessman. A senior Police officer mentioned in response to an inquiry made that the relative may be a member of the wife’s party. The official said that apart from that relative, another person who had been very close to the businessman was involved in this murder.

The shooter and the pillion rider had come from Telikeda on a motorcycle to shoot and kill the businessman. It has been revealed that the motorcycle belongs to the rider and it had been obtained on lease in the name of another person. During interrogation of the arrested suspects, it has been revealed that the two of them were waiting on the road that the businessman would travel on in the morning and when the businessman saw them and stopped his jeep and was talking to them, they had shot the businessman and fled on the motorcycle.

After reaching the main road, the shooter had boarded a bus and fled, while the motorcyclist had gone to a by lane in Wadduwa area to change the number plate of the motorcycle. There, his face had been recorded on the mobile phone of a person living in a house on that road. After this incident, he abandoned the motorcycle and ran away.

Police information revealed that the officers of the Kalutara Division Crimes Investigation Bureau have been able to solve the murder mystery of this businessman by obtaining details regarding the registration of the motorcycle chassis number and engine number through the video footage. After the arrest of other suspects in the near future, many more facts of this murder will come to light.


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