Plan your dream wedding in these 10 best Indian destinations

Destination Wedding: Weddings in India are a big deal. Planning begins months in advance and the actual ceremony takes days. Great Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, splendour, luxury and elaborate arrangements. Over time, this traditional Indian ritual has also changed.

Destination weddings are all the rage these days, with more couples turning to outdoor venues and unconventional arrangements to celebrate their bond. Here are 10 of the best wedding destinations in India to help you plan the wedding you want. 

1. Goa

What’s more romantic than a beach wedding in Goa? Breathe in the salty air while saying your vows as the waves crash at your feet…a scene straight out of a movie. Planning a wedding in Goa has a wide range of options, from major wedding venues like Longuinhos Beach Resort to modest budget wedding resorts, costing around Rs 2-20 lakh.

2. Jaipur

When we think of Jaipur, then our minds straight go to kings. What could be better than adding a touch of royal brilliance to your big day? Stunning hilltop backdrops, forts, palaces and havelis set the scene for picturesque weddings straight out of the pages of history. Jaipur’s top venues include the Chom Palace, Jaigarh Fort and Alsisar Mahal. These places offer the most joyful weddings from November to February.

3. Udaipur

Lake City is another beautiful place to make your dreams come true. Lakes, forts, island palaces – ask for them. Venues such as The Leela Palace, Fatehgarh and Udai Kothi are top choices for destination weddings.

4. Jodhpur

Rajasthan is a wedding destination and Jodhpur is another perfect hitchhiking city. The cost of the wedding ranges from 3-50 lakh in the stunning Blue City with amazing sites like Amritam Palace, Bijorai Palace and Khareja.

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5. Kerala

Backwaters, beaches, palm trees and hills make Kerala a treasure trove of all that nature has to offer. Choose your location here in God’s Kingdom to make your wedding unforgettable. Choose from beautiful locations such as Tharakan Heritage Homestay in Kochi, Zuri Hotels and Resorts in Kottayam, Gemini Houseboat in Alleppey, and many more.

6. Rishikesh

Surrounded by the Himalayas with the Ganga River, Rishikesh is an ideal wedding location for peace lovers. Places and resorts like The Second Life Resort and Panchvati Cottages are perfect. Imagine starting a new chapter in your life surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the magnificent Himalayas.

7. Jaisalmer

The Golden City is another option for planning the perfect wedding. Nothing beats the opulent palaces, massive fortresses and breathtaking sunsets this city has to offer. There are many viewpoints to choose from, including Brys Fort, Suryagarh, Gorband Palace, and more.

8. Shimla

Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling valleys, Shimla is a dream winter wedding destination. Not to mention the comfortable climate it offers. Book at Woodville Palace Hotel, Koti Resort, Karam Vidhata Resorts and more.

9. Lavasa

Lavasa in Pune is known for its stunning scenery of lush green plains surrounded by hills. Planning your wedding at one of our resorts is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. Antariksh Retreat and Hotel Celebration are one of top choices for most couples.

10. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

If you’re looking for an intimate wedding, look no further than the Andamans. Amidst beaches, sands and swaying trees, here is the perfect place to celebrate a happy day with your loved ones. Choose from great locations including The Munjoh Resort and Symphony chain of resorts. 

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