PC who helped prepare forged passport arrested

A Police Constable deployed at the Promotion Division belonging to the Colombo Central Division of the  Colombo Deputy Inspector General’s office, who prepared police certificates required for obtaining a passport for a woman who had gone abroad under the name of a deceased member of the LTTE, was taken into custody by officers of the Prevention of Terrorism and Investigation Division officer day before yesterday (13).

The Prevention of Terrorism and Investigation Division said that it was a woman named Karuppaiah Selvakanthi who had gone abroad, with a passport prepared in the name of deceased LTTE member, Rasaiah Aiyeesha who had been a resident of Munekkadu, Kokkadicholai, Batticaloa.

This woman who had travelled abroad using the name of a former LTTE member, posing as a resident of an address at Nelson Place, Wellawatte had arrived back in the country recently. She had been arrested at the airport, suspecting that she was the deceased LTTE member. It had been revealed when she was questioned at length that she was never a LTTE member and had gone abroad using a passport prepared based on someone else’s name. She had gone overseas to engage in a job.

Accordingly, based on information given by this woman, the person who had assisted her in getting a passport on false information for going abroad, was taken into custody by Terrorism Prevention officers. When he was questioned, it had been revealed that police certificates provided by a police officer deployed at the Colombo DIG’s office had been used to prepare the passport. During a lengthy investigation carried out into this matter, it was discovered that this particular officer had provided a copy of a complaint prepared fraudulently indicating that it had been issued by the Wellawatte police. That was stating that the woman had misplaced her identity card. The place of residence mentioned was an address in Wellawatte. It has been revealed that even that address was fake.

During investigations it has become apparent that this police constable had been paid a bribe to provide a false copy of a complaint. This false copy had been given in 2018. Information had been obtained regarding the deceased LTTE member, from the copy of the false complaint given by this officer and a passport had been prepared. This woman had gone abroad on April 9, 2018 with this passport.

According to information that was revealed after this woman was taken into custody, officers of the Prevention of Terrorism and Investigation Division had taken steps to arrest this police constable deployed at Colombo DIG’s office.


by dailynews sri lanka

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