Parliament ajourned for fifth day due to tussle over Rahul Gandhi’s UK remarks

New Delhi: Both the Houses have been adjourned till Monday (March 20) due to the deadlock that is continued for past five days.

The Parliament kicked off with a stormy start following a tussle between the Opposition and the Centre over Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s ‘insulting’ remarks abroad.

The ruling party has demanded a public apology from Conrgess leader Rahul Gandhi, which has been completely negated by the grand-old party.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) also lashed out at Rahul Gandhi for calling upon Europe and US governments to intervene saying that the latter have failed to notice that a “large chunk of democracy has come undone”.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi who was stopped to speak in the House on March 16, said that it would have not happened if the democracy were functioning in the nation.

While addressing media post the Parliament proceedings yesterday, Gandhi stated that being a MP, it is his right to speak in the House and he will first say his piece on the floor then, talk to the media.

“In the morning, I went to Parliament and spoke with the Speaker (Lok Sabha) that I want to speak. Four ministers of the govt had put allegations against me so I have a right to keep my views in the house. I’m hopeful that I will be allowed to Speak in Parliament tomorrow,” said Rahul Gandhi.

The Wayanad MP said that “the story started” when he gave speech about Business Tycoon Gautam Adani. In that speech, Gandhi mentioned, he asked a “fundamental questions” from Prime Minister Modi about his “relationship” with Adani.

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