Paris Hilton Tried Sneaking Khloe Kardashian Into a Club as a Teenager

Paris Hilton is sharing new details from her party girl years — including the time she tried smuggling a tween Khloe Kardashian into a club.

The 42-year-old heiress shared the story of how she attempted to sneak the Good American founder, cousin (and daughter of Kyle Richards) Farrah and her own sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild into a L.A. hotspot back in the day in an excerpt of her new book “Paris: The Memoir,” published by The Times.

“One night I tried to smuggle my sister Nicky, our cousin Farrah and our friend Khloé Kardashian into Bar One,” Hilton began. “Khloé and Farrah were little middle-school girls, so I did Khloé up with full makeup, a long red wig and a floppy black hat.”

The DJ remembered getting creative with the girls’ alter egos and claimed she told Kardashian that “If anyone asks, your name is Betsey Johnson'” — who is, of course, a famous designer.

Hilton claimed she even put Farrah “on top of somebody’s shoulders with a big trench coat” — noting, “We put so much effort into our disguises, we were shocked when we didn’t get past the velvet rope.”

Paris recalled leaving the line thinking, “I guess you need to be with someone famous.”

The new mom said she “learned the key elements of partying like a rock star” during her teen years — before sharing some tips and tricks on how to “stay pretty” during a night out.

“Tipsy can be cute, but drunk is gross,” she stated. “Good, sturdy platform boots — and comfortable clothes so you can dance all night and easily climb in and/or out of windows and over fences as needed.”

Last month, during an episode of her “This Is Paris” podcast, Hilton shared an excerpt from her memoir that explained the meaning behind her son’s name, “Phoenix.” Read about her inspiration behind the unique moniker here.

“Paris: The Memoir” will be available on March 14.

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