Outer Banks' Chase Stokes Was Peed on By Monkey Filming Season 3

Chase Stokes is recalling a particularly awful day on the set of Netflix’s “Outer Banks” season three.

During an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” the 30-year-old actor opened up about a series of unfortunate events while filming the streaming giant’s highly anticipated show’s third season.

“There was one day in particular where the universe just decided to not work in my favor,” Stokes began. “There’s a stunt that happens at the end of the final episode… it was a very exhausting stunt so I was leaning against a tree and next thing you know, my arm is on fire.”

While attempting to catch his breath, the “Tell Me Your Secrets” star recalled how a crew member informed him he had touched poisonous tree sap before he was urgently ushered into a medic van.

“I’m like, ‘What is going on?’ One of our Bajan crew members looked at me and says, ‘That’s poison tree sap. And that’s all over your arm.’ So I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome,'” he quipped.

In order to combat the effects of the poison in the medic van, the team started “putting ointments on me” and he was back in action before his second unfortunate incident.

“I recover from that and I’m talking to my director, like, ‘I think I’m okay. I have a pulse. I’m not dying.’ And I feel something hit me in the back of the head,” Stokes continued. “It was a full-on, like, [gestures being hit] jerked my body forward. And I was like, ‘What was that?’ And he goes, ‘Bird. That was a bird. A bird just flew into the back of your head.'”

After experiencing multiple traumas, the actor breathed a sigh of relief when a crew member announced it was starting to rain which was welcome weather after a long day of sweltering heat and humidity. Just when things started looking up, Stokes was hit by another surprise.

“[The crew member] looks at me and he goes, ‘Oh thank God. It’s raining. Finally, this will cool us down.’ So I’m like, ‘Oh, wow, it’s raining,” he recalled. “And I look up, and, immediately, he says, ‘Nope, not rain. That’s monkeys peeing.’ And a monkey literally pees directly in my eyeball. A monkey peed in my eyeball!”

Stokes appears as Pogue leader John B in season three of “Outer Banks” which is streaming on Netflix now.

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