Norway’s Ambassador to India points at ‘factual inaccuracies’ in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway

New Delhi: Rani Mukerji starrer Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway which released in cinema halls on March 17, narrates the story of a Bengali woman fighting for the guardianship of her children in Norway. While the film is garnering rave reviews for its violent emotional quotient, Norway’s Ambassador to India Hans Jacob Frydenlund has said that a many cases shown in the Ashima Chibber managerial are untrue.

Norway’s Ambassador to India criticises Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway 

Norway’s ambassador to India, Hans Jacob Frydenlund, argued that Ms Chatterjee vs Norway was a strong story and stated that there were certain “factual inaccuracies” in Rani Mukerji’s acting and that she had to bring out the “Norwegian point of view”.

Pointing to the real-life incident that inspired the film, Frydenlund wrote, “The film projects cultural differences as the primary factor in the case, which is completely false. Without going into any details of this particular case, I categorically deny that feeding with hands and sleeping in the same bed would be the reason for placing children in alternative care. Not in this case and not in any case.”

My Op-Ed in @IndianExpress today about the film #MrsChatterjeeVsNorway. It incorrectly depicts Norway’s belief in family life and our respect for different cultures. Child welfare is a matter of great responsibility, never motivated by payments or profit. #Norwaycares

— Ambassador Hans Jacob Frydenlund (@NorwayAmbIndia) March 17, 2023

He further added, “Yes, we have different cultural practices. Yes, we might have different parenting traditions in Norway. But our human instincts are not different. A mother’s love in Norway is no different from a mother’s love in India.”

While hoping that the instances shown in the film does not create a negativity for Norway, he said,  “I hope this film will be seen for what it is, and I trust in the viewers to understand that this is a fictional representation. For those involved, there is no denying that the experience was traumatic.”

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