Navroz 2023: Date, time, significance, all you need to know about Parsi New Year

Navroz 2023: Navroz 2023 is observed on March 20 or March 21 in accordance with the Spring Equinox. Nonetheless, India will observe Navroz on March 21 in 2023. The Farvardin, the first month of the Solar Hijri calendar, officially begins on this day.

Navroz 2023 Date

During the Spring Equinox, on March 20 or 21, Navroz is typically observed. The event will, however, be observed in India on March 21 this year. The Shahenshahi calendar, which is used in India, states that Parsis also celebrate Navroz in August.

History and Significance

The Iranian ruler Jamshed is where the names Navroz and Nowruz originated. An apocalypse that was supposed to kill everyone was supposedly prevented by the monarch. But there was no extreme heat or cold, and no one died; instead, everyone lived happily in King Jamshed’s kingdom.

It is thought that the holiday began to be observed in India in the 18th century at the initiative of Nusservanji Kohyaji, a businessman from Surat who frequently travelled to Iran.

The terms “now” and “ruz,” which mean “new” and “day,” respectively, are the roots of the word “nowruz”. The phrase, which means “a fresh day,” also denotes the start of the new year.
They adorn their homes, dress in their traditional attire, and prepare elaborate dinners on this day. As a part of the festival celebration, people visit the Fire Temple. Fruits, sandalwood, milk, and other items are also prepared as fire offerings.

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