National Salaries Commission to be dissolved

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has decided to dissolve the National Salaries Commission by the end of this month.

The National Salaries Commission which is being run at an office at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall premises comprises of 15 members and 36 staff and it is said that it costs Rs. 5.8 million monthly

for its maintenance. The role assigned to the National Salaries Commission had been carried out prior to establishing the Commission by the Director General of the Department of Management Services and the

Director General of Institutions of the Ministry of Public Administration, which come under the Treasury.

Accordingly, the President has ordered that the work done by the National Salaries Commission be assigned to Director General of the Department of Management Services and Institutions.

The staff of the commission will be deployed at the Ministry of Public Administration. The President has taken this decision due to the fact that closing such institutions which are set up to

perform similar duties, the government can save a lot of money and it leads to cutting down unnecessary expenses as well as reducing public expenditure.

Avoiding delays in the performance of duties due to similar institutions set up to perform the same duties is another great advantage of this course of action. There are many other institutions

that cause unnecessary delays to public services, which are not required and costly to the government, and steps will be taken in the future to close them down or merge them with

relevant government institutions. Rs.71.5 million has been allocated for the expenses of the National Salaries Commission in the government budget for 2023.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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