National Digitalization Grant awarded to ICTA Sri Lanka for Board Governance Automation

BoardPAC, the premier Board Meeting governance software provider, contributed to the development of the nation’s digital infrastructure by awarding a national digitalization grant to the apex technology body Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) in its efforts to support Sri Lanka’s national digitalization drive to enhance accountability, measurement and productivity of the nation’s government institutions.

A press release said: ‘ICTA Sri Lanka’s vision statement is “A Digitally Inclusive and Prosperous Sri Lanka”. BoardPAC expresses its confidence that its contribution of the digital board automation software to the trailblazing body ICTA will help achieve the common goals that empower the people of Sri Lanka through accountability and efficiency improvement with heightened governance.

‘Professor Malik Ranasinghe, Chairman of ICTA Sri Lanka added, “It is greatly appreciated that BoardPAC has come forward to support the digital enablement of the Government of Sri Lanka and its Institutions through ICTA Sri Lanka free of charge. The first digital enablement was the ICTA, Sri Lanka Board. We consider this digital adoption as an exemplary action in showcasing the commitment of BoardPAC, as ICTA is the apex body for digitizing the nation, and digital enablement directly and significantly aligns with the ICTA’s vision of digitizing the Government of Sri Lanka”.

‘BoardPAC proudly ranks number one by Gartner Capterra as the Board Management System with the ‘best ease of use’, as a global award-making Board Management System with the best experience for users by the renowned Gartner Inc agency.

‘Lakmini Wijesundera, the Founder and Executive Director of BoardPAC stated, “It is our honor and privilege to offer ICTA Sri Lanka, the premier technology agency of the government, a grant of free usage licenses of BoardPAC to enable the ICTA Sri Lanka Board to move from a paper-based model to a ‘Digital Board Meeting’ “.

‘Digital adoption by ICTA Sri Lanka’s Board benefits from the all-inclusive solution through military-grade encrypted secure document sharing, real-time messenger secure collaboration, digital voting, integrated video conferencing, instant digital distribution of meeting content including managed updates with timely notifications, calendar management, and a host of user-friendly facilities to improve the efficiency of the meetings, saving the board valuable time to use for nation building efforts. This will also reduce the need for printing and distributing paper-based documents, leading to significant cost savings for the board.

‘Dave Rawling, Chief Executive Officer of BoardPAC added, “BoardPAC is committed to supporting Sri Lanka in its digitalization journey. The provision of BoardPAC’s premier licenses to ICTA Sri Lanka will allow it to set the pace for other national institutions to follow this best practice “.

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