Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway Song ‘Shubho Shubho’ Out: Rani Mukerji exudes motherly emotions

Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway: The first song from Rani Mukerji’s Mrs Chatterjee Vs. Norway was released after the teaser moved viewers. The catchy song, Shubho Shubho, is the perfect expression of sincere intentions and affection. A Bengali phrase called Shubho Shubho denotes luck in all things.

‘Shubho Shubho’ Song Out

The captivating trailer for Mrs Chatterjee vs. Norway depicts an emotional tale in which a mother battles a whole country to obtain custody of her children. The first song from the upcoming movie, Shubho Shubho, was officially published by the creators after the video received a great deal of praise.

The song Shubho Shubho appears during a significant change in the family’s dynamic in Mrs Chatterjee VS. Norway. Debika Chatterjee attempts to uphold her Indian beliefs and traditions despite cultural differences as she relocates to a new country to begin her new married life and family. 

Kausar Munir wrote the song, Amit Trivedi composed the music, and Altamash Faridi provided the vocals. It accurately and delicately captures this journey’s symbolism as well as the range of emotions and sentiments experienced while starting anything new.

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What Rani Mukerji said about Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway

Rani Mukerji, who will portray a mother fighting for her children’s rights in court, was immediately moved by the song when she first heard it. The actress said that after portraying such a great character, her heart is full.

“Being a Bengali, I’m all for the representation of my roots, and my culture in mainstream Hindi cinema. My heart is full that I have played a Bengali character in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway and showcased the spirit of a fierce Bengali mother in the film, she told the media outlet. 

Rani added, “The lyrics of the song Shubho Shubho is really special to the film. The word ‘Shubho’ is also my character Debika’s son’s name in the film- Shubh meaning auspicious in Bangla. So indeed it is very special and auspicious for us to drop the first song with the word Shubho as part of the mukhda.”

About the Film

Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway, a film directed by Ashima Chibber, depicts the lives of an immigrant mother who battles against all barriers to regain custody of her children. On March 17, the movie is expected to be shown in theatres.

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