Most Dramatic Fantasy Suite Dates In Bachelor History

There’s never any shortage of drama on “The Bachelor” and when it comes time for the Fantasy Suites, it’s guaranteed that there are going to be some shocking moments!

Over the course of the show’s 20 years on the air, the final weeks of the season have proved to be an emotional rollercoaster. And when it comes to the overnight dates, it can make or break a relationship. There are highs, lows, plenty of tears — and some very intimate moments.

Here’s what’s gone down in the Fantasy Suites…

1. Zach Shallcross & Kaity Biggar

On the most recent season of “The Bachelor,” Zach Shallcross made the decision not to sleep with any of his final three women during Fantasy Suite week. Unfortunately, his plan to keep things from getting messy ended up completely backfiring. During his night with Gabi Elnicki, the couple ended up going all the way — a choice that Zach seemed to feel really guilty about. When it came time for his date with Kaity Biggar, he decided to be transparent about the situation which ended in Kaity feeling extremely hurt and telling Zach that she would have rather not known.

“I’m crushed. He said sorry but why are you sorry? You’re not sorry you did it. You’re sorry I’m feeling this way? I’m really not okay right now,” Kaity said in a confessional, even later admitting that she just wanted to go home.

Kaity and Zach were able to later reconcile but it’s clear it created tension for both Kaity and Gabi.

2. Colton Underwood & Cassie Randolph

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph’s Fantasy Suite date turned into one of the most memorable moments in “Bachelor” history. During their date, Cassie expressed her hesitations about their relationship, revealing that she wasn’t sure if she’d be ready to get engaged by the end of the season. After a difficult discussion, Cassie ultimately decided to leave.

The decision didn’t sit well with Colton, who had told Cassie that she would be his final choice. In an emotional state, Colton dramatically exited the show by ripping off his mic pack and then hopping over a fence, much to the shock of then-host Chris Harrison.

3. Gabby Windey & Erich Schwer

During Gabby Windey’s season of “The Bachelorette,” she ended up only having an overnight date with one of her suitors. After Johnny DePhillipo decided to leave because he wasn’t ready to propose, Jason Alabaster also expressed similar concerns during his dinner with Gabby. Although his confession upset Gabby, they decided that in the Fantasy Suite they could have deeper conversations without the cameras around. Things didn’t go well there either and the pair didn’t end up making it through the night, eventually calling it quits.

Gabby did end up heading to the Fantasy Suite with Erich Schwer, but even their date night didn’t go so well. During their overnight stay, Erich told Gabby that he would feel “cheated on” if she slept with other men. While Erich said his comment came from a place of insecurity, it ended up causing a lot of drama. Gabby felt pressured by the ultimatum and considered how she could move forward in the relationship, later leading to some very tense conversations. Ultimately the pair were able to move past things, but not without some dramatic moments.

4. Clayton Echard & Susie Evans

Clayton Echard’s final Fantasy Suite date of his season was with Susie Evans and it definitely didn’t end well. During their date, Susie straight-up asked Clayton if he had slept with or declared his love for any of the other women and told him it would be “impossible” to move towards an engagement if he had. Clayton was taken aback by Susie’s comments and actually got upset that she would expect him to not give things a shot with the other women. He ended up confessing that he had professed his love for the other women and slept with them both — although he loved Susie “the most.” Many viewers were appalled by Clayton’s decision to sleep with the other women when he admitted he thought Susie was his top choice.

Susie eventually got up and walked away and when their conversation reconvened, Clayton called Susie out for not telling him ahead of time. Despite Susie’s continual apology, she was met with anger from Clayton, who said that he felt that he didn’t even know her anymore. Before the night was over, Clayton ended up sending Susie home.

5. Hannah Brown & Luke Parker

By the time Hannah Brown took Luke Parker to the Fantasy Suite during her season of “The Bachelorette,” things already didn’t look good. Once the couple sat down to dinner, they ended up having a pretty dramatic conversation. Luke told Hannah that he wanted to make sure she wasn’t have sexual relations with the other men and if she was, he would want to go home. Hannah told him that he didn’t have the right to judge her and didn’t appreciate the way he was speaking to her — especially since he wasn’t her husband yet. She also pointed out that she had looked past many of his red flags and was offended that he couldn’t move past this situation.

When Hannah finally told him it was time to go home, Luke said that she “owed” him a moment to hear his side of things — but that only made her more angry. She walked him to the limo and when Luke refused to get in, Hannah delivered one of the most epic lines in “Bachelor” history.

“I have had sex and Jesus still loves me,” Hannah said, before adding in the confessional, “I didn’t just go to Fantasy Suites. I f–ked in a windmill. And guess what? We did it a second time.”

6. Rachel Lindsay & Peter Kraus

Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus had perhaps one of the most heart wrenching breakups in the course of the 19 seasons of “The Bachelorette.” It all started during their Fantasy Suite date when Peter confessed that he had told Rachel’s mom that he wasn’t ready to ask for her daughter’s hand in marriage.

Their conversation continued during dinner, where they realized they both had very different ideas of what it meant to be engaged. Although Rachel really wanted to be engaged, she didn’t think it had to mean they would get married immediately and they could continue to get to know each other after the show. Meanwhile, Peter felt that he only wanted to be engaged once and equated it to being the same thing as getting married.

While they did decide to continue their date after their emotional discussion, it was the beginning of the end for the couple. Shortly after their night together, the couple decided that they weren’t going to see eye-to-eye on their opinion about engagement and were going to have to call it quits.

7. Juan Pablo Galavis & Andi Dorfman

During Juan Pablo Galavis’ Fantasy Suite date with Andi Dorfman, something went very wrong. While Andi has never revealed what exactly went down overnight, she says that when cameras stopped rolling, she saw a side of Juan Pablo that she didn’t like. The morning after, Andi called him out and told him that she realized she was not in love with him. During their conversation, she also noted that he often went “too far” with his honesty and she felt that he had no interest in actually getting to know her. She even mentioned a joke he made about her being there “by default.” In response, Juan Pabo simply said, “It’s okay” and said that he didn’t know what she wanted him to do. Andi ended up walking away.

8. Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson had one of the more wild nights in Fantasy Suites history. Before they even got to the overnight date portion of the show, Ben and Courtney had already hooked up while skinny dipping. Then, when they had time together without the cameras rolling, the couple hooked up multiple times — and Courtney had no issue telling anyone about it. In her book, Courtney shared that she couldn’t find any condoms in the suite but the pair had sex three times anyway.

“We immediately ripped each other’s clothes off and had intense, passionate sex on the couch in front of the fire. Producers had left a cell phone for us in case of emergency, but they did not leave us any condoms,” Courtney wrote.

Courtney later clarified that she was told there is typically plenty of protection in the Fantasy Suite and believes she may have missed it.

9. Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard is the only Bachelorette to have ever abstained from all three of her Fantasy Suite dates. When it came time for the overnight dates, Emily shared that she wanted to be a good role model for her young daughter and didn’t want any of the men to sleep over. While her decision was definitely not the norm for “Bachelor” couples, Sean Lowe said that isn’t quite what happened. In his book, he revealed that Emily secretly invited him to come over after they wrapped filming so they could get to know each other without the cameras rolling.

“She said, ‘Listen, I’m only going to do this with you.’ We’re going to look like we’re going to wrap up the date, but then we’re going to go to the fantasy suite and we can just hang out. And so, that’s exactly what we did…We spent four hours with no cameras and so I’m thinking, ‘If she’s only doing it with me, then she must want to choose me.’ Of course it was that same week she sent me home. And I found out she did it with the other guys too,” Sean shared in an interview with Dish Nation.

10. Jillian Harris & Ed Swiderski

Things didn’t go as expected for Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski during the Fantasy Suite date. Despite displaying chemistry during the season, it turns out there was some trouble in the bedroom during the overnight date. After Jillian emotionally shared that the romance just wasn’t there, Ed ended up admitting that he had some performance issues when they finally had their alone time.

“I was very nervous and it just didn’t happen. I couldn’t show her that I am really, truly, am in love with her. Jill may have gotten the wrong impression,” Ed explained.

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