Mixed Fruit Raita: Make special raita during Navratri fast, recipe here

Mixed Fruit Raita: Navratri has started. In these 9 days of Navratri, people keep fast and 9 forms of mother are worshipped. People feel lack of energy during fasting. If you want to be energetic in these 9 days, then you should include a lot of fruits in your diet. Fruits provide vitamins, minerals and fiber that keep you full of energy throughout the day.

You can consume Mix Fruit Raita (Navratri Recipe in Hindi) to stay energetic throughout the day. Let us learn how to make Mix Fruit Raita with Fruits and Curd in an easy way.

Mixed Fruit Raita: Ingredients

Curd – 3 big bowl
Grapes – 1 bowl
Chikoo – 1 bowl
Pine apple – 1 bowl
Banana – 1
Apple – 2
Pomegranate – 1 bowl
Sugar – 1 tsp
Cashew – 10 grams
Raisins – 10 grams
Almond – 10 grams
Pistachios – 10 grams
Rock salt – as per taste



Take curd in a big bowl and beat it well, then add black pepper powder and sugar to that bowl and mix it well. Now add chopped fruits to it.


Now put all the chopped fruits in the beaten curd mixture. Add bananas, grapes, chiku, pineapple, pomegranate to it. Make black pepper powder and mix it well in curd with rock salt. Now keep it in the fridge for a while to cool down.


Take out the mixture from the fridge and now add cashews, almonds and chopped pistachios to it.


Your healthy fruit raita is ready. Now you can serve your fruit raita chilled. Fruit raita made with chopped fresh fruits and curd is very tasty and nutritious. If you want, you can also make raita with any one of your favorite fruits.

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