Mixed fertilizer prices used for vegetable, coconut, tea and cinnamon drop by 50%

Commercial Fertilizer Company Chairman Jagath Perera informed Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera that the prices of mixed fertilizers used for other crops including vegetables,

coconut, tea and cinnamon have dropped by 50 percent.

Although chemical fertilizers were provided under the government’s fertilizer programme for paddy and maize crops, farmers regularly complained to the Ministry regarding the lack of fertilizers for other crops.

Taking that fact into consideration, the Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera advised the Chairmen of the two government-owned fertilizer companies to prepare a mixed fertilizer that can be used for other crops other than rice and maize.

The Ceylon Fertilizer Company and Commercial Fertilizer Company introduced several new types of mixed fertilizers with higher quality at a much lower price than the prices of mixed fertilizers currently sold in the market.

Due to this reason, till today, the prices of mixed fertilizers in the market have dropped by 50 percent.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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