Minor girl kills younger brother in Haridwar, buries body with married lover’s assistance

Haridwar: In a shocking incident from Uttarakhand’s Haridwar, a minor girl became the assassin of her own younger brother in the supposed ‘love’ of a married man. Not only that, but she also endangered the lives of her entire family as she gave sleeping pills to her entire family, including her brother.

When the family was sleeping, the minor strangled her younger brother to death with a rope and buried his body in a pit in a terrible manner with the help of her married lover and his friend.

It is worth noting that on the morning of February 7 last month, in Dhadheki village in Haridwar district, all family members of a man named Sethpal were discovered comatose, while his 17-year-old son Kulveer was missing. After several days of searching, Sethpal filed a kidnapping case against the unknown in Kotwali.

Initially, family members and police assumed that Kulveer had left the house after being enraged about something and would return home after the rage had gone. After several days passed, the residents of the village approached the police and stated their fear of a mishap.

Following this, the police began a thorough investigation, not treating it as a simple disappearance. During the investigation, Sethpal’s daughter’s love connection with a married man Rahul, son of Madan Singh, was revealed.

The police then detained Rahul, one of his friends, and Sethpal’s daughter for interrogation. Following this, they recovered Kulveer’s body by excavating a pit in the recently constructed house of the daughter’s married lover.

According to the police, the age difference between Kulveer and his elder sister was not significant. Kulveer had spotted his sister with Rahul and had beaten her up as a result. Kulveer was also keeping an eye on them.

They then made a plan to get Kulveer out of the way. Rahul’s friend Krishna was also involved in the evil deed.

All three culprits have been apprehended. Rahul and Krishna were brought before the court and sentenced to prison. The minor girl, on the other hand, will be presented in juvenile court.

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