Ministry to record appreciation for non-striking health staff

Health Minister Dr. Keheliya Rambukwella has instructed the Ministry Secretary Janaka Sri Chandragupta, to record appreciation to the entire health staff from doctors downwards for protecting the lives of patients by not engaging in strikes.

The Health Minister said that at a time when the health service in Sri Lanka is facing many serious challenges and the government is working to bring it back to normal, the entire staff of the health service, from the doctors who are engaged in maximum service, without participating in these baseless strikes launched by some people, and sacrificing the lives of patients, will be subject to appreciation.

The minister also mentioned that at a time when the dedication of the entire health service is essential, everyone who dedicates themselves to it will be praised by the nation.

Accordingly, the minister said that many trade unions as well as many personnel in the health service are engaged in their duties as usual, and those personnel are strongly dedicated to their duties.

Accordingly, the Minister informed the Ministry Secretary to find out about the evaluations that can be granted at trade union level and take necessary steps for that.

Minister Rambukwella said that even though some people who claim to be political groups and trade unions have made very malicious and absurd accusations against him and the health service at a time when the country is moving forward, he is ready to face them and respond morally.

The Minister who said that it was possible to successfully defeat three decades of barbaric terrorism due to the strong commitment of war heroes as well as the people of the country, also said that due to the dedication shown by everyone from the top to the bottom of the health service, especially during the Covid disaster, it was possible to bring it under control effectively and that even the World Health Organization appreciated effort.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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