Media should ensure ethical standards - PM

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena is of the opinion that the media should not be controlled. However, media should ensure ethical standards, he said while addressing the felicitation of Kumar Nadesan for conferring Pravasi Bharatiya Award – the highest recognition given  to a non-Indian by the Government of India.

He said that he met a group of South Asian media personalities who attended the Regional Conference on Fake News, Dis-Information and Propaganda in International Relations in Colombo.

“These media experts of the region were unanimous in their opinion that fake news and disinformation cause havoc in the society. They said it is the responsibility of the media to educate people how to recognize false news stories”, the Prime Minister said. He added that people should be curious and actively investigate what you read and hear.

“To verify the authenticity of news, they can use news sources that are accountable for their content and follow journalistic ethics and standards,” the Minister added.

He added that they must also take care to verify the news before sharing news content with others on social media. “The media, while providing information to the people, has a responsibility to educate them to identify and reject fake news. It is a part of the social responsibilities of the media,” he said.




by Daily News Sri Lanka

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