Mava Gujiya Recipe: Try some lip-smacking sweets this Holi

Mava Gujiya Recipe: If Gujiya is not made on the festival of Holi, then the fun of Holi seems incomplete. That’s why Gujiya is made in every house on the festival of colors.

But if this recipe is made into Mawa Mawa Gujiya by making a slight change, then the fun of Holi doubles. That’s why today we have brought you the recipe of Mawa Gujiya, which you can easily make at home. So let’s know, the recipe for making Mawa Gujiya.

Mawa Gujiya Recipe: Ingredients

Maida- 2 cups, Mawa – 100 grams, Cashews – 1 tablespoon, Raisins – 1 tablespoon, Chironji – 1 tablespoon, Dry copra grated – 2 tablespoons, Cardamom – 4-5, Desi ghee – as needed, Sugar powder – 1 /2 cups


To make Mawa Gujiya, first of all, put all purpose flour in a utensil and mix it with 1 teaspoon of ghee. After this, add water little by little and knead a hard dough.

After this, knead the dough by kneading it well, so that it becomes smooth. After this keep this dough covered for some time.

After this, cut small pieces of cashew nuts and raisins and mix them, if you want, mix them later and keep them aside. After this, put mawa in a pan and saute it keeping it on medium flame.

After this, fry the mawa till it turns light brown. When the mawa cools down, add grated dry copra, chopped dry fruits and raisins and mix it well. Now add chironji and cardamom seeds to this mixture and mix.

After this, take the wheat flour and knead it once more and make small balls out of it. Now take a dough ball and roll it thin like a puri and take a gujiya mold and place it in it and put mawa filling in the middle.

Then apply little water on the edge and close the mold and press lightly. After this the cutting of Gujiya will be done. After this, put desi ghee in a pan and heat it on medium flame and fry the gujiyas in it. After this, when it cools down, it can be stored in a box.

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